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Exploration. I love it.

Seriously, the first time I visit a new place it’s like Christmas morning. I just can’t wait to see what’s in every metaphorical box!  That’s one of the many reasons I love Jainé! She’s always taking me to awesome new places and it temporarily fulfills my need to explore. Our latest adventure was a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Oh my word…I have new a dream. A dream to shoot a wedding at the Palm House at the BBG! The grounds were stunning and the receptions take place in a glass house. Talk about sweet lighting! But I’m getting ahead of myself…first, we met at the Brooklyn Museum. We had a goal of getting to the gardens ASAP, so we didn’t explore the museum….at least not on this trip!

I love these hot pink and purple flowers! 

This is The Palm House I talked about! I am drooling about shooting a wedding there someday. Oh, it will happen! 

My favorite flower (plant?) of the whole day!! I’m not sure what it’s called…I kept calling it lilac, but after a quick google search I know that I am very very wrong! But it just doesn’t make sense because when I smell a lilac scented candle, this is the type of plant I picture! And obviously that means I’m right! :)

Sooo, I think this one is actually lilac. If not, they shouldn’t have put the sign for lilac so close to it! It fools people like me who know nothing about plants/flowers/shrubbery/trees. Like really though…nothing.

Pocahontas anyone? This tree totally had me talking to Grandmother Willow!

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  • April 30, 2012 - 6:26 PM

    jaine {brklynview} - ahhh, i love these! you have to send me the ones of myself. i don’t have any photos of me with the camera! next stop, central park!!ReplyCancel

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