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  • I'm addicted to cereal, mint ice cream, and nooooodles! But not together, that'd be weird. I have crazy curly red hair, which has led to many a debate over my ethnicity. I’m married to the most incredible man in the world, who happens to love my mysterious hair. I love LOVE, good style, and creativity...and people who love love, good style, and creativity! Oh, and I love bright colors!

    Feel free to take a look around the blog, check out my favorite sessions in the Featured Posts section, and stalk follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Oh, and I also love comments! I mean, c'mon, who doesn't? :)


Two days ago, I got to watch my husband enjoy his very first carnival! You should have seen his face after his first bite of Zepoli’s…I so wish I had photographed that moment. But I did get some of our other moments! :)

I love his face here. He was so in awe of it all!

I cannot believe I actually got him to ride the ferris wheel! Christopher is of the mentality that any ride will break as soon as we are on it…but I love him! :)

I even got him to smile! I love my husband! :)

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