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Hannah and I were enjoying some yummy noodles together at Naruto Ramen in Park Slope when I shared the news of our big trip to Italy…I’m pretty sure I nearly choked on a noodle when she said “No way! We’re going to Italy too!” After a little back and forth, we realized we would both be in Florence with our fellas at the SAME TIME! The stars aligned and I was able to photograph Hannah and her boyfriend of many years, Thomas, while in the city of romance! We met at this adorable cafe for lunch and then explored the city together stopping every so often for some photo magic! :)

Hannah and Thomas in front of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge!

How stinkin’ cute is this girl’s laugh?!

Looks like New York isn’t the only place with graffiti! 

It took all of my effort not to stop in every single alley-way for a photo!

In addition to being super photogenic, Hannah is also the owner of HANALULU CO. Event Styling & Decor! She is so crazy talented and everything she designs is magic! Brides, hire her asap! :)

This photo pretty much sums up all of Florence…it’s got an alley, a cute bike, nature, a cafe, and of course, a super stylish lady!

Hannah and Thomas, Chris and I had so much fun hanging out with you guys in one of the coolest places on earth! Thanks for being amazing models too! :)



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