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In 4th grade, we teamed up on every class assignment. In 5th grade, we dressed up as Romans to present our sun dials at the science fair – togas and baby powder in our hair (that surely didn’t help our popularity!). In 6th grade, we swam at your grandma’s/aunt’s pools almost every day while day dreaming about Leonardo DiCaprio and Devon Sawa. In 7th grade, we spent hours dreaming about what it will be like to be 8th graders. In 8th grade, we spent hours drawing our perfect wedding gowns, our perfect grooms, and our perfect future homes.

All through high school we gushed over who we thought was the “hottest” – and I’m pretty sure we have our top 10 list lying around somewhere! We got giddy when we liked someone new, and we got sad when we realized how awful they really were. We wondered if we would ever find “our guys.” We knew our chances with Leo and Devon were pretty slim. But this year…this wonderful year…is the year my best friend has found her Mister.  Brianne (Bree, Bee, BZ, Breezy, Biffle, Beans, Ber-ner-ner-ner), you have been there for all of my moments. You liked me even when I still had a horrible afro and all my “baby fat.” You let me play the Sims on your computer when no one else would. We invented a whole new way to play UNO (just split the deck and leave one card in the discard pile duh!).  We passed notes between almost every class in high school (I still have a whole box full in my closet somewhere). We wasted who-knows-how-much gas money driving around, windows down, music blaring…inventing dances for every song that played!

You cried with me when I tried on my wedding dress, and came with me to every fitting. You listened to all of the ways I fell in love with him. You came with me to every silly bridal expo, and signed my name up for all the prizes. You helped me put on my dress, told me how proud you were and that I was the most beautiful bride you ever saw. You stood next to me every step of the way, and you will always be my BFF4EAEAEAE.

And now, I get my chance to be there for you. You are the most adorable, fun, loving, kind and sweet person I know. Joey, you are the luckiest man alive to have my BreeBee.  And she is luckiest girl to have you. Especially since your last name starts with ‘Z’ – she will legally be “BZ” now!! Thank  you for that!  So, my first duty as your Maid of Honor was to document your love with some gorgeous engagement photos. I am so so unbelievably happy that you have found “your guy!” I love you!

I have a crush on this barn!

Check out that BLING! He knows her well…

Oh hello stunning! I really hate that you are such a supermodel. 

Cecilia Grace Mizin - Gorgeousness!

Glenda Kinney-Perna - beautiful pictures!

Brianne - Swoop,
I hate that you know exactly what to say to make me cry! (haha) These pictures are phenomenal! Not only are you an amazing photographer but you are an amazing, fun loving, sweet, beautiful, creative, caring person that I get to call my best friend. We have been close as we can be for approximately 16 years! (holy moly macaroni!) And we are getting closer! We have always stayed attached to each other’s hip. Even when we were in different classes in HS, you moving all the way down to Miami for College then all the way UP to COTW and we never changed. Like you said, we have dreamed and pictured of our “adult” lives and couldn’t wait to grow up fast to see what our future holds. Now we are living our dreams! We both found our boys who we love unconditionally and will spend the rest of our lives with. I’ll always remember when I stood there, crying, watching you as beautiful as you are, rushing to the alter as fast as you can to be right next to your then hubby-to-be and be the next Mrs. G! (Hey! That rhymes!) I watched you plan your whole entire wedding and not once complained about one thing. I thought to myself, “Wow! I can’t believe that she has the strength and the passion to plan everything herself.” I couldn’t be more proud. You inspire me. You always have. I loved being there for every single event you wanted to go to for your wedding. Loved watching you try on those dresses and just had my jaw drop of how gorgeous you are. Now, time has past. You just celebrated your 1 year wedding anniversary and it is like you and Chris just got married! I hope Joe and I are like that. No. I know we will be just like that. I am so excited that you are apart of our wedding. Helping us out as much as you can. Shooting an awesome engagement session. Coming down to as many events as possible. I cant wait to watch you cry at the alter as Im walking down the aisle, CRYING. lol. I cant wait until we have babies and they can be best friends! (or possibly an arranged marriage?! We will talk…) Hopefully, you and the MR. will move closer! I miss seeing you everyday and gossiping. I miss playing uno on a daily basis and watching you smack your head on the table. I miss watching you fall on your face and me uncontrollably laugh at you. Without asking you if you are ok (HAHAH IM STILL LAUGHING! LOLOLOLOL) Anywhooser, You are an inspiration. You are an amazing person inside and out. I love you so incredibly much. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Seriously, I really do not know where I would be without you.

Amy Rizzuto - I love this post Cassi! Such sweet emotion!

Tricia - Lovely!!

Cassi Claire - Thank you so much Amy and Tricia!! :)

Jess Pontes - These are so pretty! Where is the barn? My fiance grew up in the Newton area…just curious. =]

Cassi Claire - Aw thanks Jess!! I’m not sure where exactly this barn was as I was being chauffeured around! But I know it’s the barn where Joe’s dad grew up, so I’ll check with him! :)

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