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I absolutely love living in Brooklyn! Living in Brooklyn means having opportunities like these. Opportunities to shoot incredible LIVE proposals on the Rockefeller Center. This proposal was especially meaningful to me for a few reasons…the first, my husband Christopher proposed to me on the Rockefeller Center almost exactly a year ago and it was amazing to re-live the experience with this fantastic couple! The second, I know the bride-to-be! Sarah and I have known each other for years from our time working together at an Adirondack resort, CAMP-of-the-WOODS.  The funny twist to this story is that Josh contacted me not knowing that I was friends with Sarah. In fact, we had already planned out the entire event before Josh emailed me a photo of him and Sarah so that I would be able to recognize them on the engagement day. I nearly jumped out of my seat screaming “I know her!”  I felt like Elf.

Josh and Sarah have such an amazingly unique relationship. They met at a church in NY while Josh was attending the Culinary Institute of America, and they have been “courting” for the past 3 years. Josh refers to himself comically as “The Deaf Chef” as he became deaf at the age of one.  As fate would have it, Sarah has a huge heart for Speech Language Pathology and can sign fluently. It was amazing to watch. And I sort of have this desire to know all languages I encounter, which is especially challenging now that I’m living in NYC and I hear a different language every hour. And this was no different. All I wanted in those moments was to be able to sign.

Anyway, photographing this event definitely had it’s challenges. For instance, having to hide my face at all times so as not to be recognized by Sarah while taking the pre-proposal candids. She looked right at me (through my lens) on several occasions and I really thought I was busted! We laughed later about how she was racking her brain thinking “Who is this girl? She looks like she’s taking pictures of us.” But then I’d point my camera in another to direction to throw her off my scent!  But that wasn’t the hardest part, oh nooo. The hardest part was by far the people! People, everywhere! Blocking all of the super cute shots I had mapped out in my head! Those knuckleheads. But those small hindrances aside, everything went so smooth!  Josh had all of the timing planned perfectly (which we all know I love and appreciate!). He put so much effort into making the whole day perfect for Sarah…I might have teared up during the actual proposal, but we don’t need to talk about that. So without further ado, the engagement of Josh and Sarah…

I almost peed myself when I realized she was looking right at me! Good thing the camera hides my face!

Thank you 70-200mm for allowing to get this beautiful moment!

Um, hello Big Momma Bling!

Josh arranged for a Sparking Apple Cider toast because Sarah hates champagne…presh!

Amy Rizzuto - This makes me SO HAPPY! Love their story!

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