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Michael and Christina traveled all the way from California to have the perfect Adirondack wedding!  They both spent some time living in the Adirondacks, and had built such strong relationships with the community that it was only fitting to be married there! Speaking of relationships with the community, not only did I live in the same town as Christina…we were roommates! Okay, we were roommates for like 2 months (ish?)…but we worked together for a few years!

Christina so graciously allowed me to share some of the photos I took as a guest at their wedding.  The wedding and the reception took place at the Adirondack Bible Chapel Ministry Center - where both Christina and Michael were nourished spiritually for years. All of the details were hand-made by their friends and family…perfect origami paper cranes hung from every post, paper flowers were strewn about every table, and hand-drawn post cards were given to each guest as a thank-you. One of my favorite personal touches was the cake topper on the groom’s cake. Since the beginning of their relationship, Christina has referred to Michael as “the dreamboat” both in person and on her blog…so it was only fitting that a dreamy boat should sit atop his cake! Love it!

Hand-written lyric cards for the time of worship!

This was Michael and Christina’s first kiss…ever!  Pretty good looking first kiss! I love how giddy they were the whole day!! 

And I now pronounce you husband and wife!!!

Here are those gorgeous paper cranes I told you about…and the HAND DRAWN post card favors!

Oh, the dreamboat…best cake topper ever. If you skipped the intro text (yea, I know you probably just come here for the pictures!), then scroll back up and read it! :)

Look at those gorgeous hand-made paper flowers….Christina, you are amazing.

See that girl with the crazy red afro and ghost-like skin? Yup, that’s me!  Like I said, I was a guest…so I was able to have some fun with a bunch of our ADK friends! 

Christina, why are you so stunning? I can’t even handle it!

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