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Twice in one month I had the privilege of working with Lauren Allison!  Thank you Lauren for allowing me to assist you at Andrew and Kerri’s wedding.  Andrew and Kerri live in Colorado, where Andrew is stationed.  The couple was wed at the First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains.  The church was gorgeous! It was completely white inside with one lovely piece of stained glass. The ceremony was traditional and beautiful. Andrew wore his Army Dress Blues with pride. The reception was held at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ. The theme was modern vintage…think Sinatra music mixed with modern décor.

Oh, and I should mention that Kerri is pretty much the most relaxed bride EVER! How do I know this? Because the power went out. Why is that a big deal Cassi?  Glad you asked! Because it was JULY 23rd and the air conditioner wasn’t connected to the generator….yup, that happened! But Kerri and Andrew took the news like champs! I still can’t believe how calm they were! Aside from the heat wave, it was a simply lovely day and I am so happy to have been a part of it!

Kerri’s hair clip was made from parts of her Grandmother’s wedding dress…so beautiful!

That is a sharp looking group of gentlemen!

It was impossible to not choke up as Kerri presented her parents with her sentimental thank you gifts.

I loved this little white church! It was flooded with natural light!

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Remember that wedding I shot in Boston? Well, here are some of the moments before and after the wedding! The drive there was gorgeous!

Mmmmmmmm delicious breakfast!

We even got to see a war re-enactment! I’ve always wanted to see one of these!!

The coolest outdoor bookstore ever! Okay, it’s the only outdoor bookstore I’ve been too…but it was awesome!

After the wedding we attempted to get some skyline shots…Lauren and I had a blast playing with my tripod!

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A special thank you to Lauren Allison for giving me the honor of assisting her on this incredible wedding in Boston! I had never been to Boston, and we made an awesome three-day weekend out of the trip! That post will come later!   :)

As for the wedding, it was absolutely gorgeous and this wedding party was hysterical! You can tell that Brian and Amelia attract awesome people…Brian is fun and lovable, and Amelia is sweet and tender-hearted. You could see their creativity flowing through every aspect of the wedding, from her stellar purple shoes to the bouquets to the reception decor.  The wedding was held at the Hyatt Harborside in Boston.  Even though rain forced the ceremony indoors, the venue was fantastic. Friends and family danced the night away in an elegant ballroom overlooking the harbor. Congratulations Brian and Amelia!

My favorite shoes EVER! I need them!

Yes, this awesome bride had TWO pairs of incredible heels! One for the ceremony and one for the reception. These gold ones were the *comfortable* pair for dancing!

Cutest little girls ever!!

She is so fiercely GORGEOUS! Look at those eyes!

Love her centerpieces!

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this food was! And how happy I was that Amelia chose to let us eat this instead of a lame perfectly average vendor meal! 

Coolest guestbook ever! The guests attached their photo strip from the photobooth to a piece of black scrapbook paper and signed their note in gold marker! Voila, a super unique and personalized guestbook in scrapbook form! Love it!

How stinkin’ adorable is this Grandpa?! I want to adopt him! Er…maybe I shouldn’t say somethings out loud.

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Oh Tyler and Rachel…what a wonderful wedding! The whole day took place on Rachel’s family farm in upstate NY. At the top of the hill, guests arrived to flavored teas and cucumber sandwiches.  As they walked down the hill, they encountered a table of creative scrapbook pages to sign as the guestbook. A little further down there was a barn full of clotheslines strung with photos of the couple and their families. A beautiful large pond surrounded by woods served as the backdrop for the ceremony and reception. After the ceremony, guests wandered the farm, played croquet and drank freshly brewed teas. Later, a buffet dinner was served followed by mingling, dancing and cake eating. The bride and groom completed the evening with a rowboat tour on the pond (with a parasol in Rachel’s hand) at sunset. It was the perfect day!

Rachel’s grandmother spent a good portion of the morning potting tomato plants for everyone to take home as a favor!

I absolutely adore all of these farm decorations!

Rachel’s gorgeous vintage dress with a peacock blue belt, and her peacock headpiece!

There was nothing conventional about this wedding! They even drove down the aisle…well they drove TO the aisle!

How gorgeous are those bouquets?

I love them!!

Lemonade, a variety of teas, and cucumber sandwiches! Could this be any cuter?!

All of these colors are PERFECT! They go so well together and are perfect for summer!

That’s Tyler – the groom – playing the drums! He is INCREDIBLE!

Best mango salsa I’ve ever had…and don’t even get me started on those mini-pies (made by Rachel’s mom!!).

Oh, the parasols. Probably one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding…they are soooo dreamy!!

Can you believe they have a vineyard on their property?! This is not your average farm!

And we ended the day with a rowboat, a parasol and a pond….what a glorious ending!

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My wedding is in 12 days!!  I wanted to thank my darling hair stylist in advance for all of the hours she has put in to coloring, cutting, and straightening my hair! So, we met up at the Fayerweather Island Lighthouse in Bridgeport, CT. It was absolutely stunning. Thank you Christina and I hope you enjoy your photos! :)

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We dream about our wedding day as little girls. When we get older we start to dream about the man we are going to marry. Will he be tall? Handsome? Will he be funny? What color eyes will he have? Beard or no beard? Will he be kind, loving and gentle? How will we meet? What will our first kiss be like? How will he propose?

Yes, very tall…6’5″. Very handsome. Very, very funny. Green eyes. A clean red beard. The kindest, most loving, and most gentle man in all the world. We met at CAMP-of-the-WOODS. Our first kiss was…well…our second kiss was great! :)

And his proposal. Yesterday was the day I found out. It was our two year anniversary and it was magical. There are a lot of different stories I could tell here. I could tell you about how I thought he was going to propose a month earlier…and he didn’t.  And how I cried like a baby when I saw another friend had just got engaged in my facebook news feed. And how I yelled at him for not proposing and accused him of not loving me. But that story…well, that story is just pathetic. So I will fast forward through all of the crazy emotional business, and get straight to the point. My best friend convinced me that Christopher wasn’t going to propose until Valentine’s Day. The thought of getting engaged on Valentine’s Day made me want to vomit. But at least I could breathe and calm my nerves a little bit. At least I didn’t have to constantly be wondering when it was going to happen. I knew. I could just relax now.

And that’s why I didn’t see this coming…not even a little bit. And that’s why it was so magical. :)

We arrived to NYC around 10:30 a.m.

Apparently we get hungry early!

My feet were frozen all day because of that nasty sludge…I wore the wrong boots and not even plastic bags could help.

I grew up 30 minutes outside of Manhattan, but had never been skating on the Rockefeller Center. I always envied people who had the time to do touristy things. So our plan for the day was to be tourists. And that started with skating on the Rockefeller Center. After waiting in line for what felt like eternity, we finally got our skates. We skated for about 10 minutes before my feet started to really really hurt (remember the sludge I told you about?). I asked Christopher if we could get off the ice. How about just a couple more laps? Really? Was he really going to make me keep skating? That is so unlike him. Okay, I say. As we skate he fills my ear with so many sweet things…sweet things which I cannot remember. And then he pulls me to the center of the rink.

Is he proposing? No, he wouldn’t. Not here in front of all these people.
He got down on one knee – in ice skates!
Oh my gosh, he’s really doing it. Or did he fall?
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring ever.
“It’s beautiful!”
He said, “Is that a yes?”
Naturally, I said, “Yes, of course it’s a yes!”

And we kissed to the sound of hundreds of people cheering and applauding. We took a victory lap to the sound of hundreds of people cheering and applauding. And we exited the rink to sound of…you get the point!

We had the whole day in NYC to celebrate! So we went to the first place that came to mind…and was also right across the street…St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Then we walked around and did some shopping. All the while referring to each other as “fiance” and “future wife” and “my groom-to-be” etc. etc. I think at least 5 or 6 people congratulated us throughout the day. I was wearing a bright yellow coat so it was easy to be recognized as “the girl who got engaged.” Wow, I am finally the girl who got engaged. Giggle! Anyway, later on we had dinner at the coolest sushi place ever. There is a conveyor belt riding around the whole restaurant and you can just grab a plate and dig in. All of the plates are color coded to a price, and they just tally it all up at the end.

We ended the day with another big tourist attraction – the Empire State Building. The line moved slower than molasses, my feet were numb, and it was absolutely freezing when we got to the top. But it was still so perfectly magical.

Lastly, the ring. My wonderful incredible amazingly beautiful ring. That story alone could take up a few more paragraphs, so suffice it to say that it belonged to Christopher’s grandmother (who possibly got it from her mother) and it is made of gold, rubbies and black pearls. All of my favorites! :)

I love you Christopher. I can’t wait to finally be married to you! :)

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Christopher and I were down at the shore for a friend’s wedding…an end of September wedding. Which means all of the tourists were back where they belong (yes, I mean home), and we had our beach back! It was glorious! I love my hunnie!

The best part about being at the beach on a Monday in September…all of the teens were back in school!

He’s so cute with his little scrunchie nose!

Trying to skip rocks in the ocean…I kept telling him it doesn’t work that way!

At our friend’s rehearsal dinner…so fun!

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Cancun! Miami! Washington, DC…??  Christopher and I know how to do spring break! A whole week of club museum hopping and drinking Mai Tai’s milkshakes! It wasn’t the typical American spring break…and that’s why we loved it! From the National Air & Space Museum, to the Capitol building, to meeting a real live protester, to the world of metro travel through DC. Here are some photos from our wild and crazy trip! :)

We were there just before the cherry blossoms all bloomed, but we did get to see some!

Yea, we’re cute!


So beautiful! We had perfect weather…not a cloud in the sky!

I love Union Station! I sooo want to do a photo shoot there!

Christopher got tired of me having all the fun with the camera!

ICE CREAM! Mmmmmmmmmm.

I love this picture. Probably my favorite from the whole trip!

I love this!

Real phone booths! 

See that picture on the left? It’s made entirely of fingerprints!  I wish I could be that talented!

My Christopher is sooo cute!

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