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  • Well, hey there good lookin'! Welcome to one of my dearest places on the world wide web, the home of all my favorite photos! Feel free to click around and get to know me a bit better! I'll give you a head start...I'm addicted to cereal, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sushi. I’m married to the most incredible man in the world, and we live in New Jersey with our two kitties. I love LOVE and smiles, and I can't wait to hear your love story!

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Love, love, love reliving Donna and Oleg’s amazingly fun and colorful engagement session on Le Magnifique! Major props to this couple for having such a fantastic vision for their session! We started with some cheesecake at Juniors, went for a stroll through Prospect Park, and ended with a color fight – it was the perfect date!! Click the photo below to view the feature!



When I was planning my wedding back in 2010 & 2011, I became obsessed with the wedding blog Grey Likes Weddings. I loved how organized, clean, and fresh the blog was! Editor Summer Watkins always showed such fabulous weddings and beautiful photography. When I received an email inviting me to be a part of the Grey Collective, it took all my might not to jump out of my chair! I had an urge to immediately reply with “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!” but I thought that might come off a bit…um…weird-crazy-stalker. So I played it off Danny Zuko style with a “that’s cool, baby.

But the excitement hit a record high when I found out I had a front row seat in this month’s newsletter from Grey Likes Weddings. I wanted to hug my inbox! Feel free to check out my listing in the Grey Collective, and view a screenshot of the GLW newsletter below! Better yet, you should subscribe for a dose of pretty in your inbox! :)



Lisa Hibbert - I love that photo! Very Cassi Claire Photography! Happy and colorful and bright.

Kristen Driscoll Alfonso - Yay I love the description and the photo. So you <3 Yay Cassi! :)

Jessica Poole Hardy - Thata girl! Told you it was only a matter of time!

Ashley Goodwin Woods - HAHAHAH Danny Zuko. That’s about as cool as they come? ;) PS How I told you how much I love your blog and website? I need to AMP MINE UP! Wanna do it for me? ;)


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! I’m so excited to share this gorgeous wedding full of love today! Jeff and Laura hosted their wedding at Club Getaway in South Kent, CT. They planned an entire weekend with their friends and family full of zip-lining, hiking, kayaking, and FUN! I even got to stay overnight in a cabin with the lovely Mikkel Paige and enjoy buffet camp meals (my favorite!!) – it was one of my most fun wedding experiences last summer!! Thanks for inviting me along Mikkel! :)

How cute are these cabins?!

I love when grooms show off their personality through their cufflinks! 

Their pup is like family, so naturally he was a big part of their wedding day!

How amazing is this hillside ceremony?! LOVE it!

And they danced the night away! :)


WINNER ANNOUNCED!! There were 29 total comments and selected the 15th comment! The winner is Michelle Saxton!! ***Keep in mind that the facebook comments might be displayed in a different order depending on your settings, so they might not match the order that I see on my computer. I numbered the comments from top to bottom starting with facebook comments and ending with blog comments. chose the winning comment! :)

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite photo! It was impossible for me to choose! It looks like photo #2 will have a new home in my office – woo hoo!!

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I wanted to call this the “Cleaning Out My Closets Giveaway” but it doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it. But really, that’s what this is. Over the years I’ve acquired so many random do-dads, whatchamacallits, and thing-a-ma-jigs. To me, they are things I haven’t touched in years, already have another one of, or never used. To you, they might be your new favorite toys! :)

This giveaway is for a giant MYSTERY box of completely random items! Exciting huh?! From a used-once Photojojo’s Ring Flash Adapter to a brand new camera bag to a create-your-own pinhole camera! This photo shows just SOME of the items, the rest are a mystery surprise! They might be used, they might be new, they might borrowed (no, no they are not borrowed), they might be blue (there’s definitely at least one blue thing)! :)



TO ENTER: Choose your favorite engagement photo and leave a comment telling me which one you like best! The winning photo will be printed on canvas and displayed in my home office! :)



Fine-ish Print: You may enter ONE time via the facebook comment system below (on this blog post, not on facebook!) and ONE time via the blog comment system for a total of TWO entries. ONE Winner will be chosen from the comments section using and will be announced tomorrow, January 24, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. EST on this blog post (entry period ends at 11:15 a.m.). All contestants must be able to provide a valid mailing address within the continental U.S. upon winning. Cassi Claire Photography is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me ( and redeem the item or a new winner will be chosen.

Michelle Saxton - I love number 6 because of the beautiful colors and the real emotion!

Brenda Davidson Mcgeorge - My favorite is number 2. I love the angles and the view but I also love how sincere their smiles are. ALOT of times people freeze or feel uncomfortable in fromt of the camera but the location helped them to have fun and bc of that their love for each other shone through. That and it’s a unique picture which as a client is super important. I bet none of their friends have a similar engagement picture!

Christine Cunningham - Number 2 is my favorite! The colors are so bright, it’s on a ride (who doesn’t love REAL life action shots), and shows the photographer put some effort and fun in to taking this photo!!!

Pauline Eskander - Love number 5! It is fun and totally expresses how they’re super excited to get married!

Allison Walker - I love number 2–I think the setting is super fun and it would look great hung up in your office!

Jamie Howard - Anyone cow for number two.. it really is just a completely unique photo, one of those pictures that I’m sure everyone wished they could have!

Amy - Number 1 gets my vote. I love how tight the frame is, as well as the softness of the colors. So sweet.

Lindsey Y - Number 2! I LOVE the colors and idea and the picture in general, etc etc etc. So fun!

Robyn - #6 is my favorite- so cute! It looks like he’s saying something silly to make her laugh.

Michelle Saxton - I love number 6 because of the beautiful colors and the real emotion!

Christine Cunningham Carolan - Number 2 is my favorite! The colors are so bright, it’s on a ride (who doesn’t love REAL life action shots), and shows the photographer put some effort and fun in to taking this photo!!!

courtney denning - I love them all, of course :) but my favorite is 5– love the colors, love the joy.

Rebecca Mulvey - Love love love your work as usually! I love #2!!

Brenda McGeorge - My favorite is number 2. I love the angles and the view but I also love how sincere their smiles are. ALOT of times people freeze or feel uncomfortable in fromt of the camera but the location helped them to have fun and bc of that their love for each other shone through. That and it’s a unique picture which as a client is super important. I bet none of their friends have a similar engagement picture!

Pauline Eskander - Love number 5! It’s fun and totally expresses how they’re super excited to get married!!

Christopher George - I’m really like 6. Cute couple and great composition!

Allison Walker - I love number 2–It’s such a fun setting and I think it would look awesome in your office!

Jamie Howard - I love number two, I can only imagine what it took to get that shot andwhat a great shot it is! I love all the vibrant and varied colors as well.

Amanda Vrooman - My favorite is number 2! Its just a fun and creative picture all around. And the location is something that they will talk about and remember forever because its such a unique setting.

Millie Stires - It’s so hard to choose from. It’s a cross between 2 & 5. I’m going to to go with 2. It’s a unique way for a couple to express their love for one another. It takes a brave photographer to get this awesome action shot and it took a lot of effort to make their day special, this one has a lot of pizazz!! Keep up the great work…

Amy Gray - I just love number 1. So intimate and sweet.

Lindsey Yarnell - Number 2! I LOVE the colors and idea and the picture in general, etc etc etc. So fun!

Lindsey Yarnell - Number 2! I LOVE the colors and idea and the picture in general, etc etc etc. So fun!

Michelle Joelle - Number 5 is far and away the most dynamic, exciting shot of the bunch!

Michelle Joelle - Number 5 is far and away the most dynamic, exciting shot of the bunch!

Courtney DeSmit-Denning - I love them all, of course :) but my favorite is 5– love the colors, love the joy.

Jessica Lemp - My favorite is number 2! The colors, the action, it’s amazing! And they look so happy together. :)

Becky Mulvey - I really love number 2! I love the colors and the way you captured the motion of the ride. It really shows the fun and innocence of the picture. It’s fun and full of love. Love love

Erin Quigley - Ahhh so hard to pick. I love them all! I would have to go with #2 though. The lighting, setting, and couple just make me feel like I’m there. It’s beautiful.

Jessi - I love #5. It’s such a unique photo that still conveys their happiness! :)

Jessi Metzger - I love #5. It’s such a unique photo that still conveys their happiness! :)


When it rains, it pours…in a good way!! Yesterday I blogged about a wedding I photographed that was featured in a Scottish magazine, and today I get to share that Carl and Shawna’s amazing modern-meets-Gatsby inspired wedding has been featured on Every Last Detail – one of the top wedding blogs in the country!! This is such a huge honor for Shawna and Carl! They worked so hard to create a wedding day that was so perfectly “them” – a little bit of vintage, a little bit of literature, and a whole lot of awesome! Check out their wedding over on Every Last Detail! :)

Jessica {Storyboard Wedding} - Hey when its raining Skittles you eat them right?! Congrats doll on all fronts!

Elena - Congratulations Cassie!! The pictures are incredibly stunning!

Cassi Claire - Thank you so much Elena!! xo! :)


My husband is Scottish.
He has his family’s Scottish clan tattooed on his back.
He has green eyes and a red beard.
He has a REAL kilt of his family’s tartan.

So obviously, Scotland is at the very top of our bucket list! Never in a million years did I imagine that my photography would make it to Scotland before we did!! Earlier this year I photographed Scottish couple, Lorna and Andrew, at their NYC City Hall elopement – which was incredible to say the least! Even more incredible was the email I received after delivering their wedding images:

“Guess what?? I have a friend who works for a magazine in Scotland who has said they are the best wedding photos he has seen. Your photography is brilliant. He wants to put the photos in the magazine!”

Um…{picks jaw up off floor}…brilliant?!

Let’s just say it took a while to sink in, and even as I hold the “glossy” (like People magazine for Scotland) in my hands, I still have to pinch myself! (I’m starting to get a little sore…bah-dum-cha!) It is insanely amazing to see my photos printed in a real magazine. AN INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION!?! Sorry, it just hit me again. Aaaaaand, I’m back. I’m so so happy for Lorna and Andrew, and so excited that their beautiful international elopement is published for all of Scotland to see! :)

In case you need me, I’ll be the one with her head in the clouds dreaming about visiting Scotland! :)

Lindsay Madden - you rock! congrats!!! xo

Kristen D. - This is so cool!! :) Congrats, Cassi!

Michelle - Woohoo! Congrats Cassi!

Astami - So cool! Now you HAVE to go to Scotland! ;)

Mary Carlson - Congratulations Cassi!!! You are amazingly talented… Keep following your dreams!

Nicole Yeo - Congrats, Cass! So proud of you!

Rachel Frost - wow, that’s so awesome! =] you’re gonna be so famous one day!

Mikkel - Awesome!!!! I love it!! :-) And love that you have a tie to the culture/country!

Judie Castro - Awesomeness in full effect!!! So happy for you girl!

Daniel Ramirez - That’s awesome Cassi!! You are really talented! I should’ve had you do my wedding pics, maybe they would’ve ended up in a magazine in Mexico!! Haha, congratulations friend!


Wow, is 2013 seriously over already?! It feels like just yesterday I was charging my batteries and checking off my to-do list for my first wedding of the season! This year has been beyond amazing. I’ve met so many incredible people, accomplished so many goals, and even managed to sneak in some vacation time! Before I get to the photos, I’d like to thank a few people for making 2013 such an amazing year!

To my couples…Thank you for allowing me to live your wedding day with you. Thank you for letting me into one of the most magical (and sometimes hectic) times of your lives. Thank you for helping me live my dream! Your trust and support allows me to live a life of creativity, entrepreneurship, service, laughter, adventure, joy, and most importantly, love! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me! :)

To my family and friends…Thank you for your constant support and laughter! Thank you for your blog comments, your crap-we’ve-been-talking-for-over-an-hour phone calls, your genuine excitement when I gloat about being published internationally (blog post coming soon!), for not calling me pretentious or slapping me across the face when I gloat about being published internationally, and for always asking me to bring more business cards so you can hand them out at work (you know who you are…Dad)! I love you all so much!

To my husband…Oh my word, where to start! First off, thanks for bringing me home a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha – those things are legit! Thank you for giving up your weekends to spend them with me photographing weddings! There is no greater joy than re-living our wedding day vicariously through our amazing couples’ weddings. I love watching the bride and groom share their first dance and being able to flit my eyes across the room to find yours and share a silent “remember when” moment. I love seeing your face light up when you notice I used one of your photos in my blog post (and while I’m at it, thanks for proof-reading every single post!). Thank you for making it so easy for me to believe in love and marriage. Without you, I’d just be a girl with a camera.

I could go on and on, but let’s face it…I’m better with photos! Let’s kick this bad boy off with some of my favorite photos of the BRIDE AND GROOM!

One of my favorite new traditions that I’ve seen in 2014 is the FATHER-DAUGHTER FIRST LOOK. This is when a father sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress before the ceremony. I literally cry every time!


And in some cases, the MOTHER-DAUGHTER FIRST LOOK! :)


2013 also brought me to some seriously BEAUTIFUL  LOCATIONS! Starting with this gorgeous mountain-view ceremony in northern NJ (SkyView Golf Club)…

And this beautiful Hudson River ceremony at the Rhinecliff Hotel

A beautiful Connecticut country club (Waccabuc Country Club)!

This insanely ornate church (St. Catharine) and this pool-side beach reception at the Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club!

Madison Square Park in NYC!

And then there’s this super unique ceremony in the middle of the New England mountains of Massachusetts (Hume New England).

I loved looking down on NYC to our view from the Manhattan Penthouse!


Speaking of beauty, how about some of the BEAUTIFUL BRIDES of 2013! I love taking the bride aside for a few minutes – there’s nothing like a bride’s glow on her wedding day! :)


And what’s a wedding without your best friends?! Yea, that’s right…I’m talking about the WEDDING PARTY!! Like these bridesmaids who serenaded the newlyweds with “Going to the Chapel of Love!”

I know I silly walk with all my besties!

Kids are a guaranteed way to cute-up your wedding party!


There’s something about love and weddings that bring out lots of SILLY FACES!


Silliness aside, the wedding DETAILS are one of my favorite things to photograph! Couples spend months planning out the perfect accessories and decor to make their dream wedding come true. From the rings to the bouquets to the cake topper – everything is hand selected by the couple, and my couples have some seriously good taste!


Lastly, let’s look at the REAL MOMENTS of 2013. It’s like the Real Housewives but actually not at all! These are the moments where I’m so glad I have my camera in my hand – the sweet moments, the funny moments, the is-this-really-happening moments! :)

Five sisters from Italy dance to the Tarantella!

Thanks for re-living my year with me! Here’s to a happy, healthy, and sweetly blessed 2014! :)

Kristen Driscoll Alfonso - Fabulous! :)

Kaitlin Keaveney O'Brien - Love this Cassi! So amazing

Bethany Hanlon - Fantastic! If I’m ever so lucky, I’m telling you now that I want YOU for my wedding! This is my official booking. Partner and Date TBA.. LOL!

Amy Rizzuto - I love this post Cassi! It looks like you had an incredible 2013!

Michelle Joelle - Wonderful, all of your shots!

Angela Newton Roy - Cassi! This is such a great 2013 recap! I love seeing all of your favorite shots from the year. They are beautiful!! You got some really great moments from these weddings – so pretty!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking for a fun way to waste time while simultaneously relaxing your way through your hangover, er first day of 2014? Spend it voting for your favorite photos in the annual Shoot and Share Photo Contest! I’ve been voting for the past hour lol…helpful tip, turn the slideshow feature off so it loads faster! :)

I actually won 4th place in the Bride & Groom category last year, but haven’t had a chance to share the good news yet! My winning photo was featured in the November edition of the Shoot and Share online magazine – woo hoo! Thank you Brendan and Jaimie for being so amazing in front of the camera and making my job easy! (Top photo)



Love seeing my name among all these talented people! I feel like I can absorb some of their awesomeness through osmosis!!


The Shoot and Share kids must really love Brendan and Jaimie because their photo was chosen as the main image for the Bride & Groom category in this year’s contest! J&B, thanks for being so stinkin’ adorable!! :)



In case you are curious about how the contest works…


Now, GO VOTE for this year’s winners!! Voting is open from January 1st – January 31st! You’ll see 4 photos from the same category, you choose your favorite! Vote as much as you want on any device! :)



Happy day-after-Christmas ya’ll! Hope you are ready for some seriously adorable winter engagement photos! Jennifer and Eric, I loved getting to know you guys and hearing your adorable proposal story! They both went to the Culinary Institute of America and can easily rival my foodie status. Jennifer and a few of her best friends planned a day-trip to the city to eat at a few different places. Unbeknownst to her, Eric had previously taken a bus up to visit her parents and ask her hand in marriage. After he got permission, he conspired with her friends to surprise her while they were all in the city. Jennifer was expecting a reserved dinner with her friends, but was left speechless when she saw Eric there instead! Given their love of culinary arts, it was only fitting that they get engaged in a restaurant! :)

Since their actual engagement took place in NYC, it was so fun to photograph the two love birds in the city that started it all! We kicked things off at the beautiful white amphitheater in the Mall at Central Park…

While walking through the Mall, we found ourselves in the middle of some sort of school trip – faux flash mob!

I love the mix of rose gold and silver on Jennifer’s engagement ring.

The Bow Bridge is just so romantic!

Congratulations again you two! I hope you enjoy every minute of wedding planning! :)

Timmy Jimenez - Omg so cute and I love that pic with the giant bubble behind you Jen!!! So f-ing adorable!!

Miucha Cardoso - Cuuuuuuuute! You guys look perfect together :)

Eric Robert Dohrman - Thank you so much again Cassi! These are absolutely amazing- I can honestly say I’ve never had more fun taking pictures. We can’t wait to show them off and tell everyone it was you who took them.

Ashley Therese Photography - Such beautiful photos!! Love the way you captured this couple so beautifully Cassi!!


Merry Christmas guys!! I didn’t realize how much “Christmas” I needed to cram into one post, so apologies in advance for being all over the place! Let’s start with our first time mailing a Christmas card as a married couple (even though we have been married for almost 3 years!). I LOVE Minted and have been dying for an excuse to use them…their gold foil cards make me swoon, so it was an easy choice! Since I’m a photo-a-holic, we used photos to show off our 2013 highlights! :)


From left to right: (1) view of my favorite bridge – the Verrazano (2) we traveled to Cape May for the first time which included yummy breakfast at the Mad Batter (3) my first niece, Mia, was born on July 29th (4) we watched the inspiring NYC marathon (5) we vacationed at CAMP-of-the-WOODS with Chris’s family (6) Chris and I photographed weddings together all year long (7) my brother Fred got married at the local town hall, but the “big” wedding will be in 2014 (8) we traveled to Vegas for a photography convention WPPI (9) we went to the Central Park Zoo (10) 2013 (11) we went to Coney Island more times than I can count (12) our two kitties Penny and Sasha (13) we cruised around Manhattan – love this view of the Brooklyn Bridge (14) my best friend since 4th grade got married and I was MOH – thanks Amy Rizzuto for the photo (15) a view of our life in NYC (16) view of the Rocky Mountains from the plane to Vegas (17) another snapshot of our life in NYC (18) we saw Cinderella and Wicked on Broadway this year (19) palm tree from Vegas (20) Chris took me on the best birthday date ever which included row boating around Central Park!

Phew! 2013 was AMAZING…especially when I look back at it all in instagram format haha! This Christmas was our first year getting our own Christmas tree and decorating the house. We were so giddy (and a little neurotic) decorating our first tree. I have this thing where everything needs to match at all times! We went with a gold color scheme because it’s just so darn festive and makes me feel so happy! So this year…EVERYTHING was gold! Gold foil Christmas cards, gold stickers, gold ornaments, gold ribbon on the tree, gold backdrop for our Christmas party, gold candles, gold tablecloths, gold plates, gold napkins, gold utensils, gold cups, gold decor…like, seriously, everything…

This was also our first Christmas party! I’m not sure if it will become an annual tradition just yet…especially since half of our guests weren’t able to make it this year due to my worst enemy snow. But we had an amazing time with those who were close enough to make the trek through inches and inches of snow! :) Thank you Carla Bonnet for manning the FUNbooth! :)

I had to drag my brother in, but it was worth it! :)

YMCA! You don’t want to know how long this took to master…

A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to everyone who made it (or attempted to make it) to our Christmas party! It meant the world to us!! And for those who were snowed in, you were there in spirit! We missed you so much but are glad you all stayed safe! :)

Oh and one last bit of Christmas love for ya’ll! My niece met my dad Santa for the first time! Isn’t she uh-stinkin-dorable?! I must say, I’ve very impressed with my dad’s Santa skills…that must explain how I believed in Santa until like 4th grade! But we don’t need to talk about that! :)


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I hope you are all having an amazing day filled with love and laughter!! Sending hugs your way! xoxoxo!

Becky Mulvey - Love love love this!


M o r e   i n f o