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Oh, Kaitlin and Rory…where do I even start with these two?! This adorable couple has invited me in to some of their most meaningful moments in their lives, and words cannot express how much joy it brings me! Last February, I photographed their “official” city hall marriage and then a few weeks later photographed their BIG wedding day. It rained on their wedding day last year, which was actually really cool because it led to some super chic & fun photos with umbrellas and a NY public library. But sadly, the rain really limited our outdoor portrait time. Kaitlin and Rory chose to get all dolled up again, just after their first anniversary, and get the wedding portraits they dreamed of! We could not have asked for a more beautiful day in Washington Square Park!! :)

I want Kaitlin’s hair sooooooooooooo bad!!!

This little archway is my favorite new hidden gem of NYC!

Hooray for sunshine, finally!

Sometimes wind can be a friend! :)

So R+K, same time next year?! ;)

Allie Confalone - Ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️these!


In a way, I can’t believe that is ONLY two years old! It is amazing how much the young founder, Kellee Khalil, has impacted the wedding industry with this site. It was so much fun photographing this adorable party and getting to meet so many new friends! I worked alongside the fabulous Sharon of SBbeauty (who provided a “lip bar” for the evening) and the amazing One Girl Cookies (who put together a delicious treat table)!


As to be expected, the Loverly office is ADORABLE! It reminded me of that time I visited the Etsy office! It’s basically like seeing the internet in real life! :)

Loverly’s guests were greeted with a fun little pin – pink if you are taken and gold if you are single and ready to mingle!

How cute are these brownies?! 

Guests were able to take home fun Polaroids thanks to Loverly’s adorable photo booth idea! 

They even had a table for making your own Valentine’s Day card!! So cute!

Naturally, the bartenders (awesome Loverly interns) were dressed as a bride & groom! :)

Sharon, thank you for helping me find the best color lipstick I’ve ever owned!!

Loved meeting the amazingly talented Durga (pictured bottom right) – founder and designer of durga-kali reversible bridesmaids dresses!   

And of course, if there is a photobooth you KNOW I’m going to get a picture! Thanks for the super fun Polaroid Loverly!! Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more! :)


Check out Loverly’s post about this party here!

Tina - This party not only looks so girly and pretty but SO FUN! And those heart shaped brownies look so yummy. I hope you enjoyed one to-go! :)

DUMBO ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS, ONE GIRL COOKIES, MINT | Cassi Claire - […] had the pleasure of working with One Girl Cookies at Loverly’s birthday party last year, so it was fun to stop by the DUMBO store front! Pamela and Ryan enjoyed a cozy coffee […]


From our very first trans-Atlantic Skype date, I knew I would absolutely adore Nikki and Michael! They chose to do sort of a “reverse honeymoon.” They spent a week adventuring around NYC and, on their last day, they celebrated with an intimate ceremony in Central Park with two of their close friends. They returned the UK as newlyweds! It was an honor and joy to be a part of their incredibly unique wedding day! :)

I was so excited to find out I was working with the famous Rev. Annie Lawrence! She is absolutely sweet as pie and truly made us all feel this couple’s love…we laughed, we cried, we were moved!

I’m obsessed with the back of Nikki’s dress and her tattoo!

Seriously, stop it Nikki! You are TOO stinkin’ gorgeous!

Nikki and Michael have a tradition of getting a jumping photo everywhere they go…I’ll say this is likely going down in the history books as one of the most epic! Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!! :)


This past weekend I had an incredible opportunity to attend the first annual Field Trip for photographers! What is Field Trip, you ask? According to the website…

“It’s a field trip. Remember those? When you thought you were just having fun, but also got tricked into learning a heap of important things? A field trip is not just experiential nor solely educational. It is not even a combination of these two. Rather, it is a translation of one into the other – a pathway between the passion of your experience and the honing of your craft. A field trip is a fun day out of the classroom, yet still filled with engaging instruction. This field trip will be no different.”

The Field Trip was held at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, CA. New York has had an insane amount of snow this year, so I was crazy excited to pack dresses and skirts and ballet flats! I refused to pack my boots on principal…even when I heard that Cali was going to get rain. Psh, what’s a little rain compared to all this snow? As it turns out, a “little rain” was actually a monsoon – they got about a year’s worth of rain in one weekend! YUCK!!

Weather aside, it was easily one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while! I was covered in mud, my hair frizzed to the sky, and our cabin was a mile away from everything…yet…it was life-changing. I learned tips for shooting creatively, tips for editing, tips for posing, and more. Most importantly, I left rejuvenated. I left wishing that my first wedding of the season could be tomorrow so I could ROCK THE HECK OUT OF IT! I feel confident, energized, and smart.

The rain prevented me from taking a lot of photos, but the sun did come out for a few minutes and you bet your cute little butt that I photographed every second of that Cali sunshine! Oh, and this is only “part one” because part two will be coming after I get my film developed. That’s right…MY FILM! EEEE! Although, it was my first time shooting film in years, so there’s a chance that nothing will come out right and “part two” will never come. You’ve been warned! :)

I flew into LA and met up with my good friend Amy! We rented a ZipCar and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway on a little road-trip adventure to Santa Barbara. Thankfully the rain let up just enough for us to make a pit-stop for this beautiful portrait!

That’s our super cute cabin on the left. Notice on the right that everyone is wearing boots and rain gear? Apparently I missed the memo!

Something I styled together during Anna Naphtali‘s Art of Styling class! Brides, your details are about to get a whole lot cuter! :)

Rain obviously can’t keep photographers away from the beach!

There it is! The magical sunset! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Thanks to Megan for sharing her adorable friends Ellie and Spencer with me. It would have been so sad to watch that sun set without a couple in front of my camera! 

And of course, the day we leave the sun comes out. It was GLORIOUS! That swoon-worthy California light everyone is always blabbering on about? I get it now. I really get it. 

We added the lovely Cameron to our car for the ride adventure home, and we found the perfect pit stop! Irresistible lighting + gorgeous friends = magic!

Those are all the pro-photos I took, but I feel like I would be leaving out so much if I don’t include some of my instagrams! Yes yes yes, even pros use their phones (especially in crappy weather!). So here’s a little melody of phone photos and Smilebooth photos!

So long Cali…I’ll miss you!

Kristen Driscoll Alfonso - So much fun! Thanks for sharing <3

Mikkel - Smilebooth = red heads!! :-) Thanks for the post so quickly…whew. Little less jealous I couldn’t go because I can live vicariously through you. But only slightly.
:-/ looking forward to the next Field Trip post!

Cassi Claire - Wish you could have been there Mikkel!! We missed you!! :)

Michelle Lange - Ah, Cassi, I LOVE these. This trip looks like it was the trip of a lifetime. Wishing you a year full of inspiration and more gorgeous work!

Caroline Frost Shea - Looks like a blast- definitely want to go next year!

Summer Berriel - Love your photos! It was nice to meet you <3

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Love, love, love reliving Donna and Oleg’s amazingly fun and colorful engagement session on Le Magnifique! Major props to this couple for having such a fantastic vision for their session! We started with some cheesecake at Juniors, went for a stroll through Prospect Park, and ended with a color fight – it was the perfect date!! Click the photo below to view the feature!



When I was planning my wedding back in 2010 & 2011, I became obsessed with the wedding blog Grey Likes Weddings. I loved how organized, clean, and fresh the blog was! Editor Summer Watkins always showed such fabulous weddings and beautiful photography. When I received an email inviting me to be a part of the Grey Collective, it took all my might not to jump out of my chair! I had an urge to immediately reply with “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!” but I thought that might come off a bit…um…weird-crazy-stalker. So I played it off Danny Zuko style with a “that’s cool, baby.

But the excitement hit a record high when I found out I had a front row seat in this month’s newsletter from Grey Likes Weddings. I wanted to hug my inbox! Feel free to check out my listing in the Grey Collective, and view a screenshot of the GLW newsletter below! Better yet, you should subscribe for a dose of pretty in your inbox! :)



Lisa Hibbert - I love that photo! Very Cassi Claire Photography! Happy and colorful and bright.

Kristen Driscoll Alfonso - Yay I love the description and the photo. So you <3 Yay Cassi! :)

Jessica Poole Hardy - Thata girl! Told you it was only a matter of time!

Ashley Goodwin Woods - HAHAHAH Danny Zuko. That’s about as cool as they come? ;) PS How I told you how much I love your blog and website? I need to AMP MINE UP! Wanna do it for me? ;)


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! I’m so excited to share this gorgeous wedding full of love today! Jeff and Laura hosted their wedding at Club Getaway in South Kent, CT. They planned an entire weekend with their friends and family full of zip-lining, hiking, kayaking, and FUN! I even got to stay overnight in a cabin with the lovely Mikkel Paige and enjoy buffet camp meals (my favorite!!) – it was one of my most fun wedding experiences last summer!! Thanks for inviting me along Mikkel! :)

How cute are these cabins?!

I love when grooms show off their personality through their cufflinks! 

Their pup is like family, so naturally he was a big part of their wedding day!

How amazing is this hillside ceremony?! LOVE it!

And they danced the night away! :)

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