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  • Well, hey there good lookin'! Welcome to one of my dearest places on the world wide web, the home of all my favorite photos! Feel free to click around and get to know me a bit better! I'll give you a head start...I'm addicted to cereal, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sushi. I’m married to the most incredible man in the world, and we live in Brooklyn with our two kitties. I love LOVE and smiles, and I can't wait to hear your love story!

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Michelle is the type of person that you just wanted around you all the time – she is so sweet and encouraging and positive, and you feel like she’d be there for you if you ever need a hug. She’s also funny and charming and AWESOME, and Robb knows it! He’s just as awesome and together they are like a super couple! You might remember them from their engagement session last fall. They are a swing dancing, Wall-E watching, creole craving, old book loving kind of couple! Their intimate wedding was held at The Rhinecliff Hotel, and every single detail was perfect – from the gorgeous outdoor ceremony to the live jazz band and everything in between! :)

That is Michelle’s grandpa in the locket. So sweet…

I looove the vintage tone of all of her details! I especially adore these boutonnieres!

Michelle and her mom are besties! I looove this moment!

The father/daughter first look! Always one of my favorite moments of the day!

So much prettiness!

Michelle you are a freaking BEAUTY QUEEN!

Much thanks to the ever-so-awesome Jaine for second shooting with me, and for getting these awesome photos of Robb and his groomsmen! :)

Their ceremony site was simply stunning – and the weather could not have been nicer!

The family photo display was so sweet!

Michelle and Robb chose to incorporate the old Irish tradition of handfasting into their ceremony.

How magical is this place?! This is part of the Rhinecliff Train Station about 2 blocks away from the Rhinecliff Hotel. 

Love this beautiful moment of Michelle dancing with her parents!

Naturally, they had LOTS of swing dancing at the reception! I couldn’t believe how many of their guests could really dance!

The perfect evening for a silhouette photo! What a great way to end the night! :) 

Credits // Venue: The Rhinecliff Hotel // Officiant: Rev. Gary Deinstadt // The Dress: WTOO Bridals // Reception Dress: Watters // Shoes: Toms // Veil and Headband: Town Shop Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo & Watters // Groom’s Attire: J. Crew // Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse // The rings: Brilliant Earth // Invitations & Programs: ABandIG via Etsy // Florist & Chalkboard Sign at Ceremony: A Night in Bloom Event Floristry // Ceremony Musicians: Bella Winds // Handfasting Ribbon, Escort cards, Photo display: DIY // Lanterns: Michaels // The Band: Metropolitan Hot Club // Cake: The Pastry Garden // The End!

Michelle Joelle - Everything is absolutely beautiful, as always! It looks as magical as it felt that day, and the dancing shots are HILARIOUS. Love!

Sandy Lauer - All wonderful and as beautiful as the day was!

Mary Harms Lempke - What a wonderful day captured by photos full of memories that will last a lifetime! They are beautiful!


It’s hard to believe that Heath and Alexa really only had a 3.5 month engagement. I say it’s hard to believe because Alexa emailed me last summer inquiring about my photography services! She knew long before the actual proposal that Heath was the man for her. I remember patiently waiting for her exciting email announcing the “official” engagement, and this spring, it finally came! And boy, oh boy, was it worth the wait. Since Alexa can tell the story wayyy better than I can, here is Alexa’s version of Heath’s proposal:

“Heath proposed last night! Well, it started in the morning with his usual visit before work with an iced coffee. He handed me a note explaining that I would be getting our top 5 memories throughout the day! He left and I finished getting ready and made my way to work where a huge bouquet of spring flowers was waiting along with a little love note. My curiosity jumped, but I tried to remain calm. Then I opened my email and Memory #1 was waiting.

He then met me for lunch at the location where I first told him that I loved him and there he had another memory and a single red rose. From there we drove to the location where I told him that I was ready to start officially dating and he pulled out a second single red rose and a note detailing his favorite memory of that day. As we walked he held my hand and kept touching my ring finger and smiling at me like he was deep in thought. It was almost awkward because I felt like it was going to happen and he knew it was going to happen, and we didn’t really know what to talk about because we were both consumed with the idea of, TODAY IS/MIGHT BE THE DAY!!! Then, he told me to be ready by 6:00 p.m. for the next step, so I had to wait all afternoon just wondering and wondering. 

I hurried home after work and got ready, and he rang the door bell with another small bouquet of flowers and the fourth memory. By the way he wore one of my favorite outfits and cologne (which makes me a little crazy, who doesn’t like a man who smells good?). So we got in the car and made our way down the road, we talked about our days at work and I was fairly calm, just curious as to where we were going. I thought maybe the restaurant where we had our first date, but then we pulled off to a small town where we had once spent a fall day at the Peaks of Otter. It’s very pretty and is the highest point in VA. We drove around the curvy roads and up the mountain, and we were the only people on the road as it was just sunset at this point.

We pulled into an overlook and the sun was beaming as it set over the mountains and through the valley. He started to cry as he pulled out the last single rose and got down on one knee and opened the pretty little box! I wasn’t sure what to look at first, so since I was SO excited to see the ring, I looked at it said YES! And there it is! We are engaged – finally!”

The couple was wed at Hume New England – an absolutely gorgeous location in Monterey, MA!

I love Alexa’s beautiful accessories and invite!

The “First Look” between father and daughter is quickly becoming one of my favorite things on earth!

How stinkin’ cute is Heath’s tie pin?!

I am OBSESSED with their amazing DIY ceremony set up! Alexa’s dad, Andy, actually used to be my boss – and also one of the craftiest men I know! He built this whole scene!

Those 4 doors on the right served as the backdrop for their own DIY photobooth!

Alexa’s mom admiring the moment between father and daughter…


Yea, we kind of have a lot of fun together! :)

Oh so dreamy! One of my favorite photos! :)

Alexa, I adore your giggle! Heath, you make her SO happy!

I’d like to let you in on a little secret…Alexa and her mom made this awesome bouquet!! They actually made ALL of the bouquets. They really do deserve the craftiest-family-ever award!

I love sunset, I love sunset, I love sunset…hey, hey, hey, hey!

Thanks for holding up the “escort card” for me darling! Ain’t my hubs cute?

Loooove their gorgeous cake topper!

Credits // Venue: Hume New England // The dress & veil: MiLa House of Design // Salon: Ingegni Salon // Shoes: Francesca’s Botique // Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas // Bridesmaids’ dresses: TJ Maxx // Mens’ Attire: Mens Wearhouse  & The Tie Bar // Flowers supplied by: Wildflowers Florist // Ceremony Musicians: Jon Werking and Noah Clark // Programs & Thank you cards: Designed by Stephen Siefert // All ceremony decor: DIY (mostly Andy Mather – father of the bride) // Centerpieces: DIY // Cake: Ivy Rothfus (friend of bride) //  The End!

Carrie Hooey - Phenomenal photos! Wish I could’ve been there…. Congratulations.

Michelle Joelle - Gorgeous as always! Love every shot!

Amy Rizzuto - This wedding is GORGEOUS! Great job capturing every emotional detail Cassi. :)

Judy Bullis - These are great Cassi! Alexa is absolutely gorgeous! I love the backdrop that Andy made. I can see why the first father/daughter look is your favorite. I love and remember the look on my father’s face when he saw me for the first time. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding ;).

Marianne Bley - I LOVE the doors and the shots through the doors!!

Cassi Claire - Thanks Marianne!! So did I! They were so creative! :)


Once upon a time, I worked at an amazing Christian resort in the Adirondack mountains called CAMP-of-the-WOODS. It was there that I met Adam and Christie. Adam serves as the CFO, and Christie and I actually had the same job at different times. When Christie went on maternity leave for their eldest daughter Ashley, Christie trained me as her replacement! At the time we bonded over both having “CCC” initials and both having the middle name Claire – but then I got married and messed everything up! Now I’m “CCG!” :)

I couldn’t wait to photograph their beautiful family while Chris and I were spending our first vacation at CAMP-of-the-WOODS! It was a week full of seeing old friends, making new memories, and taking some beautiful photographs! Without further ado, meets the Carrs: Adam, Christie, Ashley, and Annie! :)

How stinkin’ cute are these little ladies?!

Ashley was such a little model!

Like sister, like…sister.

And of course, a few of just mom and dad! :)

There is nothing like a glowy Lake Pleasant sunset! Oh how I miss those! Adam and Christie, it was so awesome hanging out with you and your family for a little while! xo! :)


Judy Pak Chung - these are just too cute and that light is so beautiful! what wonderful memories you captured for the adorable family!

Being 26.

Tomorrow I will turn 27 years old. Tomorrow I will be older than my mother ever was. My mother died at age 26, just 15 days before Christmas in 1994. For the past 18 years, I have remembered this immortalized 26 year old version of my mom, and for the past 18 years she has been older than me…like a mom should be. But tomorrow, I will be older than any photo could possibly portray her. Tomorrow I will start the years in which I look back on her beauty just as much as I look back on my own. Tomorrow I will no longer be able to say “I hope I look just like my mom when I grow up.”

Me and my mom

27 on July 27th. My Golden Birthday. It’s going to be an amazing day. But before I start my 27th year, I felt I needed to properly say goodbye to my 26th year. This year has been so meaningful to me. Being 26 myself, I almost felt like I could channel my mother’s love and beauty and kindness straight from my memories…in a way that I couldn’t before because, well, I was too young. I always looked up to her and always admired her. I loved when family friends would recount stories about her. And I loved when my parent’s friends from the past would see me all grown up and say “Wow, you are your mother’s twin!” all the while barely being able to glance away because the similarities were so striking it was like they were looking at a ghost. I rejoiced when I would overhear them say to each other at family picnics, “I seriously can’t believe how much she looks like Paula…” There is no faster way to bring a smile to my face than to tell me I look like my mom.

The “Cassi-Face” which was apparently the “Paula-Face” first!

So, 26…thank you for giving me my dream-come-true. A whole year of looking just like all the photos I grew up memorizing. I’ll be sad to let the aging process continue, but I am so grateful for all the years I am given to spend with my family and friends. I am grateful for the years I had with my mom, grateful to be able to hold the memory of her snug in my heart, and grateful to love her still.

Me on the left and my mom around the same age on the right.

That little afro in the bottom left is me! Then my great-aunt Tiny, my mom, and my grandma!


Katie - Beautiful post. So glad you have these pictures of your mom to keep her memory alive for you. Hope you have a great birthday! ♥

Erica Nicole-Photography - that brought tears to my eyes girl! happy birthday xo.

CeciliaGrace Portraits - AHH! I am crying here! What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday, Cass! Hugs!

Kristen Driscoll - So beautiful! <3 You are so loved, Cassi <3.

Cassi Claire - Thank you so much Katie!! I would be lost without these photos! And I had the best birthday ever!! Thanks love! :)

Leandra Brown - This is so beautiful! :)


Let me count the ways I love this couple…#1. Nicole is basically my twin. #2. They mailed me photos of their wedding party with their signed agreement (um, AWESOME!). #3. They are completely smitten with each other and it makes for the most beautiful photos ever!

Nicole and Oscar met while both working at the Apple Store. He was her orientation trainer and she describes their love as “a shiny, nerdy love.” After a little over 2 years together, Oscar proposed on Christmas morning last year. Oscar’s original idea was to tie the ring around their dogs neck, but let’s just say dogs have a tendency to want to eat things (don’t worry, he didn’t eat it!) so that idea wasn’t going to work! As cute as his first idea was, I think the second idea was even better: He got a giant box from the container store and filled it with chocolate (I’m sold!) and had a chocolate figurine holding the ring box! It was the last present Nic opened and she was was completely shocked!

This is only part one of their session as Mother Nature decided things would be more fun with a big ole storm front. But the time we had before the rain was amazing! :)

They are so beautiful!

Nicole you can never tell me that you are not photogenic ever again? You hear me?! :)

This photo has skyrocketed to the top of my favorites list!

We were about to start enjoying all the fun rides and games at Coney Island when it started to downpour! Oh, I also got yelled at for turning around in my swing haha! Apparently I was setting a bad example for the children!! Ooops!

To be continued…


Nicole Scaro - Oh. My. Gosh. Cassi. These are unreal.

Erin Messina - These are all crazy good! Just stunning!

Lisa Kasperski - Wow! Love these, so gorgeous & so is the girl! Omgosh…TOTES photogenic! Another awesome job!

Rebecca Starkand Cronk - These are absolutely spectacular!

Judy pak - Always love your fun sessions!!

Lisa LaFianza - Absolutely stunning.

Caroline Frost Shea - these are beautiful


Same city: Chicago. Same bar: Landmark. Same taste in music: Kanye West. Kanye’s yet-to-be-released track “Homecoming” came on in the bar, and while most people went about their conversations…separately Chris and Lindsay got a jolt of excitement as they started singing along to the song that no one else knew! Chris had even just bought tickets to Kanye’s concert that day! As Chris noticed that a girl not only knew the song, but also knew all the words just like him, he felt compelled to stop her. Naturally most of the conversation was about Kanye, including Lindsay joking about him taking her to the upcoming concert! She gave him her number and after some awesome dates, Lindsay actually did go to that concert!

Fast forward just over 5 years to their wedding day! Every single detail was perfect! Their day was romantic, beautiful, and filled with blue skies and periwinkle flowers! :)

I’m loving these adorable clutches! I want one!

How cute are these monogrammed shirts Lindsay got all her girls?! I love that they are button-down…can’t mess up your hair!

Such a beautiful moment! The first look between father and daughter!

Lindsay and Chris both wrote each other letters to read on the wedding day…

Absolutely lovely embroidered handkerchief with which Lindsay surprised her mom.

The ceremony took place at Jesse Lee United Methodist Church in Ridgefield, CT.

BUBBLES! I love bubbles! Such a perfect moment! :)

The Waccabuc Country Club on an absolutely glorious day!

I’m still cracking up over “The Chrinsay!”

Gorgeous gorgeous ladies! I LOVE that shade of blue!

Strike a pose! Looks like we have two flamingos in the bunch!

The light was so dreamy! My favorite kind of light for one of the cutest couples ever! 

I love sunset! Everything is so glowy and pretty!

Haha, I believe Lindsay’s dad was busting on their favorite sports team if I remember correctly!

Chris and Lindsay ended the night with the song that started it all! I may or may not have been listening to it on repeat while writing this post! :)

Oh, and how could we forget to show off our cute selves?! That’s-a-me-Cassi on the left! And on the right, a Chris sandwich! Lindsay, you look tinier than ever! :)

Credits // Venue: Waccabuc Country Club // Church: Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church // Salon: Adam Broderick Salon & Spa // The dress: Marisa Bridals // The shoes: Nina // Hair piece: Anthropologie // Bridesmaids dresses: J. Crew // Bridesmaids clutches: KaraMia Sofia via Etsy // Monogrammed Shirts: InStitchesNC via Etsy // Men’s attire: Formally Modern Tuxedo & The Tie Bar // Florist: Belle Fleur (Tammy Fischetti) // Invitations: INK Fine Stationers // Programs, place cards, & menus: DIY with artwork by watercolor painter Sue Delac (printed via Minuteman Press) // Table Numbers: Shanna Michelle Designs via Etsy // Thank You Banner: CreativeButterflyXOX via Etsy // Custom Embroidered Handkerchief: Canyon Embroidery via Etsy // Favor Cake Pops: Party Pops by MaryAnne // Ceremony musicians: Henric & Robin Ideström and Carol Spaulding // Band: Big City Swing // Cake: Sweet Lisa’s // Cake topper: Deliziare via Etsy // Tent, Lighting, & Dance Floor: Cartwright & Daughters Party Rentals // Rings: Piper’s Jewelry // The End!

Jayne Scales - WOW…looks like an absolutely beautiful and amazing day…so happy for you, Lindsay!

Mikkel Paige Mihlrad - Awesome first look with her father! And I love the invitations, the handkerchief she gave her mom and the specialty drink paper design!

richard cole - Great pics Bride is beautiful and groom handsome
Had a great time
Uncle Dick and Aunt Ruth


It has been almost a year since my last Dilly Dally Day post! WOW! I know I’m busy, but I didn’t think I was that busy! I’ve been bookmarking funny things, but haven’t been sharing them. I’ve been hoarding all the funnies! Until now…I saw something tonight that made me have to give you another installment of Dilly Dally Day!! Scroll to the end for that gem! :)

First funny item on the agenda….I won’t lie, I watched this at least 10 times the first night I discovered it…consecutively!


This one’s for my nerdy (but super cute) husband!


Couldn’t help but giggle at this one! Even though my parents are pretty tech-savvy!


The funniest commercial ever!


You’ve probably already seen this one, but I still die every time I see it!


Lastly, the inspiration for this dilly dally post! I wish I could have been at this wedding!! :)


Kristen Driscoll - You’re the best! :)

Cassi Claire - Nooo, you’re the best!! xoxo! :)


Remember that thing called Myspace? Well, apparently it was good for something…and not just being the predecessor to Facebook. Oleg and Donna wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for Myspace, and that would be a tragedy! Don’t worry, Oleg wasn’t a total stranger. He went to school with Donna’s BFF, and even though she advised not going on a date with him, Donna knew she had to. Fast forward through 5 awesome years of dating, Oleg decided to pop the question at the family’s country house upstate. He arranged for all of their best friends to get up there early to decorate the house and line the driveway with candles for their arrival. As they pulled up to the house, Donna was so unaware of the planned proposal that her first instinct was to assume someone broke into the house! When she realized what was going on, she of course said yes, and they celebrated all weekend long with their friends!

I knew they were a super fun couple from the second I saw their save-the-date, so we had to have lots of fun with their engagement session – sharing a cheesecake at Juniors, a romantic stroll through Prospect Park, and…a big ole COLOR FIGHT! :)

After Juniors, we enjoyed the beauty of Prospect Park…

I looove the Prospect Park Boathouse! 

Hey duckie, duckie…

And the fight begins! Just when I thought my love of bright colors couldn’t get any bigger, Oleg and Donna took it to a whole new level! I am obsessed with these, and I can’t wait until the wedding this August!

Note for Photographers: You may have seen this post by, so I’ll tell you what I did to keep my gear safe. I shot with my 100mm 2.8L macro lens and stood really far away from the couple while shooting. I would have used my 70-200 but daaaang that thing is too heavy to carry around. The couple only threw one hand-full at a time so I could make sure I wasn’t down wind of it. I didn’t touch any of the powder myself. And lastly, even though there was no visible dust anywhere on my camera, I cleaned everything when I got home. Hope that helps!

Laura Ryan Moakley - awesome!

Alison Mish - Love this session, girl! So fun and so you!

Cassi Claire - Thanks Laura! :)

Cassi Claire - Why thank you darling!! That color fight idea was all them! Best idea everr! :)

Michelle Joelle - OMG. I don’t even. I can’t. This is beyond cute. I was just at a wedding where the bride and groom (both in white) threw holi festival powder at each other at the end of the ceremony. I love the action shots!

Cassi Claire - HAHAHA!!! I can just picture you saying this comment! And I can’t believe a bride and groom did that on their wedding day! That is amazing! I want to see THOSE pictures! :)

INN AT FERNBROOK FARMS WEDDING | MERCURY GLASS & GOLD CHARGERS | Cassi Claire - […] had me at their save-the-date. But I continued to fall for them at their OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-AMAZING engagement session! You can read a little bit about how they met and their proposal on that blog post. Today I’m […]


I’ve been wanting to shoot a Brooklyn Bridge engagement session for a while and was starting to think it would never happen thanks to rain-a-thon-2013! After lots of rescheduling, Tiffany, Chris and I finally got our beautiful Brooklyn Bridge day…even if we had to fight through a butt-load of people and some not-so-pretty construction! It was totally worth it! :)

Chris and Tiffany met while attending Pratt Institute and have been together for 4 years. Ironically, Chris (a project engineer) helped to build a new building on the Pratt campus after they graduated, and he incorporated that into his proposal! Unsuspecting Tiffany thought they were just going to check out the new building and then get dinner in their old Brooklyn neighborhood. While walking around Pratt, the two revisited old areas where they had built memories and explored the new areas. Chris seized a quiet moment, got down on one knee, and asked the most important question he’d ever ask! She was completely surprised and even broke down in tears during the “yes!” Later he surprised her again with dinner reservations at Peter Lugar’s – the location of their first date! Well done, Chris, well done! :)

Tiffany, can I borrow your outfit? It’s seriously adorable!

Can you believe this rock?! 

Oh hello stunner! You are breathtaking!

Save the date! :)

Kristen - Fantabulous :)

M o r e   i n f o