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  • Well, hey there good lookin'! Welcome to one of my dearest places on the world wide web, the home of all my favorite photos! Feel free to click around and get to know me a bit better! I'll give you a head start...I'm addicted to cereal, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sushi. I’m married to the most incredible man in the world, and we live in Brooklyn with our two kitties. I love LOVE and smiles, and I can't wait to hear your love story!

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When Chris first told me that the job he applied for required us to move to Brooklyn, I was a wreck. I had just started gaining traction on my photography business in NJ, just started making friends, and just started getting close to my family again (after having lived in Miami and upstate NY since leaving home at 18). I cried like a baby. I wasn’t ready to leave again, and I certainly wasn’t ready to live in another big city. Miami was a less than enjoyable experience for me, and I really wasn’t looking forward to worrying about my personal safety every day (again).

I especially wasn’t ready to relocate my baby-business and begin the process of making photography friends all over again. A few days after we moved in to our new place in Brooklyn, I purchased New York Weddings magazine. I wanted to scope out the best of the best New York photographers listed in the vendor guide. I admired website after website, and I thought, someday I’ll be in this magazine. It was one of those things you tell yourself as an encouragement boost, but you doubt will really happen. Well, after two years of falling in love with this city, making tons of new friends, and growing my passion into a successful full-time wedding photography career…I can say that “someday” is today!

There I was, standing on the 3rd floor of Barnes & Nobles in Union Square, holding New York Weddings magazine fresh from the rack, with MY name in it. MY NAME! It took every morsel of self-control not to grab the person standing next to me and ask them to jump up and down with me! Instead, I stood there, smiling all dreamy-eyed at a magazine, completely lost in the moment. All the fear, all the worry…it was for nothing. God knew what he was doing when he moved us here. I can’t believe all the awesome I would have missed out on had I let my fears hold us back.

The best part was reading the little description they wrote about me! I had to go through an application process to even be considered for their list of recommended photographers, and apparently all of this came through in the process – woo hoo!!! A real journalist wrote about me…I still don’t believe it! Pinch me! :)

Here’s to conquering new fears and following a path regardless of how scary it may seem at the time! :)

PS: See it in their online directory too!

Love & Light Photographs - So happy for you Cassi!

Frankie P (黃浩龍) - Your reputation is well deserved! You are the most bubbly and skilled photographer that I know. ;)

Lyndah Wells - So fabulous!! Well Done!

Allison Mannella - Hooray! Congratulations to you!!!


Loved, loved, loved spending time with Brenna and her family! Brenna and I went to high school together – we passed notes in class, we tormented each other (out of love) in biology class, we partnered up on projects – I stinkin’ love this girl! We hadn’t seen each other in years so it was amazing to catch up and meet some of her family. Brenna surprised her “G-ma” with a photo shoot for her and her 5 grandchildren. For the record, I want to adopt her grandma as my own – she was so cute! :)

Love these 3 sisters! 

There was so much love and fun between them that I wanted to put down my camera and snuggle with them all! I totally want a snuggly photo like this with my own family! So sweet! :)


As I scrolled through my facebook newsfeed this morning, I realized that every third person is posting about how awesome the new Hunger Games Catching Fire movie is. As much as I tried to resist the Hunger Games phenomenon, I caved and watched the first movie earlier this year.




Soooo, I’m basically barely breathing until I can get my butt to the theaters to see it! I’ve watched the trailer more times than I care to admit. We don’t need to talk about that. But what we do need to talk about is how I’ll be going for FREE thanks to Christine and Keith (who were married in September!). They surprised me with this adorable thank you gift AT THEIR WEDDING! C’mon…who in the world thinks about giving their photographer a gift on their own wedding day?! That is seriously un-real! These are two of the nicest and sweetest people in the entire world! :)

Chris and I can’t wait to break in our new mugs, and especially can’t wait for our movie date night! Thanks you both so much! :)


Kristen Driscoll Alfonso - Catching Fire = amazing. Start to finish. Wow! Enjoy! :)


Memorial Day is an extra memorable holiday for this couple. Steph and Vance met at a Memorial Day picnic for mutual friends in Prospect Park. Vance, horrible with names, knew right away that he wanted to remember this girl so he kept saying her name over and over again so he wouldn’t forget it.  They played lawn games and shared laughs. As Steph was exiting the park to go home and care for her dogs, Vance wanted nothing more than to run after her and ask her out. His friends reassured him that he needed to “play it cool” and prevented a total movie moment (jerks! jk). As fate would have it, she ended up coming back to the party and Vance was NOT going to miss his chance again. He lept at the opportunity to ask her out for a drink, but he couldn’t remember her name!! Obviously Steph found him completely charming regardless, and the rest is history! :)

We started their chilly Fall engagement session off with some hot chocolate from City Bakery!

I’m a little upset that CB was out of home-made marshmallows, but I’m over it…kinda.

Meet Vance – king of the smize!

Meet Steph, cutest giggle of all time! Oh and watch out Derek Zoolander, Vance has mastered Blue Steel!

This was one of the games they played at that fateful Memorial Day BBQ!

Union Square was the perfect meaningful location for their session! The wedding will be held in Prospect Park (where they met), so we wanted to take a different approach. When they first started dating, almost all of their dates would start at Union Square. It was an easy spot to meet (trains to both of their apartments), and they usually spent hours sitting on the steps by the park talking when neither of them was ready to go home!

One of these days I will play one of these guys in chess…and lose terribly!

FAVORITE! Doesn’t she have a seriously contagious smile?!

Steph and Vance, I had SO much fun with you both! Can’t wait for your wedding next year at the Prospect Park Boathouse!!!

ashley goodwin - what BEAUTIFUL colors! LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE. And I pretty much adore the Carrie Bradshaw style stairs. :) so nyc.

Steph - Love love love love LOVE!!! Thank you so much, Cassi! These are fantastic and I cannot wait to see the rest!!

Cassi Claire - I’m so happy you love them Steph! And Ashley, thank you SO much lovely!! :)


So, you know what’s awesome? Opening up an email from Etsy, scrolling through lots of pretty wedding inspiration, and then…BAM, seeing a photo you took! It actually caught me so off guard that my first thought was “hey, I photographed a wedding with those same hangers…and those same bridesmaids dresses…and wait, wasn’t one of them named Christine too?” BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

The photo is of these beautiful personalized wedding hangers by Morgann Hill of Bragging Bags. The lovely Keri bought these for her bridesmaids for her summer wedding at the Madison Hotel. They were the perfect way to accent the gorgeous blush Amsale dresses in photos! I think hangers are the number one most forgotten item on a wedding day. Sure, every bride wants beautiful photos of her dress…but those cheap plastic and wire hangers make even the most gorgeous dress look a bit drab. For that reason, I always bring a classic wooden hanger with me on the day of the wedding…but custom hangers like these trump anything that I could bring! Congrats Morgann on having your beautiful creations featured to such a large audience!! So glad I could share in a tiny portion of your fame! :)


I am so excited to share Dave + Christa’s gorgeous wedding at the Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club! I fell in love with Dave + Christa at their Hoboken engagement session earlier this year, and being with them on their wedding day was incredible! The whole day went so smoothly (thanks to Alida, Angela, and Montana of Juliet Events!). Christa and her maids got ready at the Johnson House Inn in Spring Lake, NJ – a location I would recommend to any bride! It was beautiful and full of natural light, my favorite!

Pop quiz: Do you know what the sixpence is for? Yea, I didn’t either. Turns out, there is a 5th line to that infamous wedding poem! “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Love Christa’s darling shoes!

Christa and Dave incorporated lots of family photos into their wedding day. My favorite detail was in Christa’s bouquet. She attached a framed photo of each of her grandmothers!

If you’ve read my blog for more than 5 minutes, you know I love first looks and have lately fallen in love with “Daddy’s First Look.” Well, I have a new favorite…Grandfather’s First Look! So precious!

My amazing second photographer (and husband) was able to capture this beautiful photo of Christa arriving to the church! Love it – good job babe! :)

The couple was wed at St. Catharine Church in Spring Lake, NJ. It’s one of the most gorgeous churches I’ve ever been in!

Mr. Pehush, you are too sweet! Thanks in advance for making us all cry!

How cute are these kids?! They are all of Dave’s nieces and nephews!

This bench is where it all started. They met at a friend’s wedding and talked for hours in this very spot! 

What a good lookin’ group of friends!

See Dave? I told you it’d be worth it to wear the veil! :)

I’d been dreaming about photographing a big Princess-like ballgown for months! #LivingtheDream

Cocktail hour was outside by the pool on a perfect October day! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love mercury glass!

One of my personal favorite moments of the day! See that contraption on the left side of the photo? That’s a same-day slideshow I presented to the couple on my iPad. Watching Christa’s tears of joy reminded me why I do what I do. Moments like these are what I live for! :)

I wanted to jump in. Instead I photographed it. The evening ended with laughter from the dance floor competing with the crashing waves from the beach across the street. Perfection!

Credits // Hotel: Johnson House Inn // Church: St. Catharine Church // Venue: Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club // Florist: Wallflowers // Event Planner: Juliet Events // Bouquet Charms: Thoughtfully Designed // The Dress: Stefan Jolie via Bijou Bridal // The shoes: Something Bleu // Accessories: Roberta Chiarella and Nadri // Hair & Make-Up Artist: Margie Bresciani // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Watters via Bijou Bridal // Monogrammed Pashminas: Miss Monogram // Invitations: Crane & Co. and Carlson Craft // Vintage Car: Santos Limousine // Men’s Attire: Pat the Tailor // Reception Stationery: Marrygrams // Band: Brian Kirk and the Jirks // Cake: Chocolate Carousel // Photography: Cassi Claire // The End!

Angela Rando - Just love the photos. Such beautiful work! It was great to work with you on Christa and Dave’s wedding. We’d love to do it again. (I especially love the little girls twirling.)

Allison Mannella - LOVE this wedding! Such beautiful colors and a gorgeous couple – amazing job!

Caroline - Lovely job Cassi- I love the white on white portraits

CASSI CLAIRE FEATURED ON BRIDES.COM! | Cassi Claire - […] WOO HOO! Christa & Dave’s gorgeous beach-side wedding has been featured on BRIDES! This is a huge compliment to their planning skills, and it was an honor to photograph their wedding at the Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club! View their original blog post here! […]


Phew, that’s a lot of C’s! I am so beyond excited to share my brand new logo! I worked with the amazingly talented Jen from Paper Sushi to create the perfect new look for my brand. Creating a custom font was so important to me – I knew I wanted something completely unique that couldn’t be copied. The font I was using previously (Bombshell Pro) basically became an overnight celebrity (the “it girl” of fonts), and I realized that any pre-designed font that could be purchased can and would be used by other people. The only way to have something truly unique was to have it hand-lettered by a designer. I searched Google, Pinterest, and Etsy for weeks until I finally stumbled across Jen. Jen is well-known on Etsy for her beautiful custom stamps. She even custom designs stamps for save-the-dates and wedding invitations (hint hint brides-to-be!).

I contacted Jen with some hesitation because I really had no idea how to verbalize what I wanted – mostly because I couldn’t even begin to picture what I wanted. I knew I wanted something that was playful and fun, but also clean and beautiful. Essentially, I was looking for something that communicated my photography style via calligraphy – which seemed an impossible feat! The first few designs were a bit too playful for my taste (because of my lack of super fancy typography vocabulary!)…


But then, it was like Jen walked directly into my brain and took what I couldn’t verbalize. She created a masterpiece! It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for and I didn’t even know it! Without further ado, here is my new favorite calligraphy ever! :)


I love how Jen was able to convey my fun side with slightly playful “i’s” – they are not quite in line with the rest of the letters. She kept the lettering clean and beautiful, but it doesn’t feel stiff or uninviting.  Jen even created this perfect tilted version for me to use as my signature! I love it!


As you can tell, I am in awe of Jen’s work and am beyond excited to start introducing the new look! I already updated my website and blog, and I’ll eventually get around to updating all the other places my logo appears. What do you guys think? Is Jen awesome or is she awesome? :)

Jen, you make me feel like I just got picked first for dodge ball! Thanks for everything!

Alicia - The site looks great! Thanks for sharing your experience with Paper Sushi! -Alicia

jen {paper sushi} - I love the look! And, I really enjoyed working with you!


It’s always so exciting to photograph the wedding of an old friend (and also really scary that I’m old enough to have “old friends!”). Erica and I worked together in high school and had a lot of mutual friends. I knew her as the completely adorable sweetheart girl that everyone loved – I’m so glad some things don’t change! Don, you are a lucky fella! :)  Don and Erica celebrated their gorgeous wedding at the SkyView Golf Club in Sparta, NJ…one of my favorite NJ venues!

Loving these gorgeous matching robes! Perfect way to keep from messing up your hair!

See? I told you…she’s completely adorable!

Don and Erica opted to have a “First Look” and do all of their photos before the ceremony – I absolutely LOVE when brides schedule their day this way! Look at Don’s precious reaction…

Head over heels for Erica’s stunning bouquet from Blossom and Bee!

C’mon you two…stop being supermodels…

The most raucous-awesome-amazing bridal party!

Love this sweet moment between Erica and her grandfather!

Do you see now why this is one of my favorite venues ever? GORGE!

Erica was escorted down the aisle by her grandfather and younger brother…so beautiful! 

WOO HOO! Congratulations Erica and Don!!

One of my favorite parts of SkyView is this gorgeous silo and barn area.

Cocktail hour on the beautiful tented patio was full of laughter!

Erica and Don both share a love of animals, so they decided to donate money to the NJSPCA in lieu of traditional favors.

Erica’s sweet mother-daughter dance had me in tears…

Who doesn’t love a good cake smashing?!

We ended the night outside playing with sparklers – it was soooo much fun! 

Credits // Venue: SkyView Golf Club // Minister: Mitch Maged // Florist: Blossom and Bee // The dress: David’s Bridal // Hair: Gianna McCall and Rumors II Hair Salon // Make-up: Libby at Top Wedding Makeup Looks // Robes, Ring bearer pillow, signs, accessories: Etsy & DIY  // DJ: The Rosario Brothers // Wedding Cake: Calandras Bakery // Photography: Cassi Claire // The End!

jaine {brklyn view photography} - so pretty!! i love her bouquet – gorgeous!!

Cassi Claire - Me too! Thanks Jaine! :)


YAY! I love thank you notes (who doesn’t?)! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and SUUUPER happy! Don and Erica, I cannot wait to show you all your gorgeous wedding photos! You guys are amazing! Thanks for the love! :)

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