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Pretty much anyone who has had a conversation with me about photography knows how much Jasmine Star has inspired me. So why is writing this blog post so difficult? Because putting it in writing makes me seem like a crazy, obsessed “fan” – rather than an inspired and thankful photographer. Seriously, I get all “oh my gosh, she is so totally awesome!”  If you were at TheFIX, you know what I am talking about.  And if you weren’t, just imagine a Justin Beiber concert and replace all the teeny boppers with grown ups with cameras!

However, while it was cool to finally meet Jasmine, theFIX for me was really about making friends. I started a facebook group for us “fixers” way back when ticket registration first opened. There are now over 150 people in the group, and we all talk like BFF’s. We help each other with difficult client situations, finding the right editing software, and so much more. This group has become my photography family, and I am so grateful for them and their support. Jasmine, you gave us a reason to get to know each other and I am so thankful.

A bunch of us got together for drinks before hand at Stitch – so fun!

Robin Bakes, Amy Emily, Amy Rizzuto, Janelle Rodriquez, and Erin Quigley – you girls are AWESOME!

The PASS bus! I absolutely love that they traveled across the country with bible verses for all to read. Makes my heart warm!

Jasmine’s beautiful decor!

There’s Jasmine!

Thank you Angelica for the photo on the right…it is my fave! As for the one on the left, I couldn’t remember what was going on if I tried…and believe me, I’ve tried! I’d like to think she is admiring my outfit haha!! :)

Amy Rizzuto - I am just going to stalk your blog all day! I am just finding this post and I LOVE IT! (especially the fact that you so accurately compared us all to grown up justin bieber fans!)

Cassi Claire - Hahaha!! It’s so true!! And that’s why I love it! :)

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